Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Post 73: Sometimes You Just Need to be a Science Nerd!

This will be one of my super-enthusiastic, pro-science, pro-art nerdy posts: writer Will Sabel Courtney at The Drive wrote about these amazing retro-style space travel posters that NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory came out with last year. And they are stunning!! I've included some of my favourites as part of the photos for this post! We need these things on grey rainy days when we're trying to remember what we get excited about. Amazing science posters will work for me!
The dwarf planet, Ceres.
It's one thing to be able to do science really well, and it's another when you cross the boundary into another medium (art) to inspire or kindle enthusiasm for an interesting idea, too, and these space posters do exactly that! Culturally, the universe, outer space, and space travel have since before the 1972 Apollo 16 mission to the moon inspired people's ideas about what it means to be human, how we conceive of ourselves and our places in the universe, how we make meaning, and whether there's life in other places in the universe.
Kepler 16b!
These poster situate the human being in various interesting and playful ways in the cosmic landscape. Who knows how long it may be until we visit the ice sheets of Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) or springboard off Ceres before heading deeper into the solar system towards Jupiter, or have fun teaching kids about shadow-puppets on the first circumbinary planet (a planet orbiting two stars!) Kepler 16b, but it is definitely fun to imagine!
Lilies and tulips. :)
And as per the usual weather in Victoria, it's been a rainy and grey day, and I've been taking solace from my very bright Valentine's day flowers! Cheers to bright bouquets! I bought the yellow novelty tulips myself! Here's a photo so anyone dealing with the rainy day blues can have a quick pick-me-up, too! :) The semi-positive part of the wet weather is the motivation to stay indoors and do work, though I did make a point of suiting up and taking myself for a quick walk through the neighbourhood today to drop some postcards off at the mailbox. Stretching my legs felt good, and the fresh air was wonderful. It felt even better than the sun salutations (yoga) that I did later this evening.

More novelty tulips. Thank you, Thrifty's.
And now on to more thesis writing! :)

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