Monday, 7 March 2016

Post 76: Sometimes it's okay to take a sick day (or two, or three)!

As the title undoubtedly suggests, I've been ill (again)!! First it was strep throat for 2 weeks in January, where I really was under the weather, and took almost a week off of work, and it's been a solid cold for a good week that really ended this weekend. When you're sick for an extended while, it's just not fun to keep going and to try to be productive, and I found myself in this negative cycle expecting that I would get more done, getting frustrated when I couldn't, and then trying to do more, and get more done, and then not, and so on. One of those things is a blog post on research data management plans, which is coming up next!

Home art project! Cards for loved ones. 
Towards the end of this past week I was exhausted, tired of feeling unwell, and I was feeling quite negative about the fact that I was drafting yet another version of an outline for my last chapter. I couldn't quite get to feeling good about the work that I was producing, because I was drippy and had that head-stuck-in-a-pillowcase feeling and was tired and not. Doing. Well. I met with my supervisor twice this week, and meant to have a third version of the outline done on Thursday, but went home early hoping I would feel better in the evening (which I did not), and then Friday was not substantially better either.

So I took Friday off, and helped my landlady trim the heads off the hydrangeas that line the front walk, and generally enjoyed getting a bit of sunshine and doing something tactile. I got into the spirit of doing easy-going tactile work and for the first time in a long while undertook an arts and crafts project where I made a few home-made cards. SO MUCH FUN! Picture above. (Mum -- I hope you don't see this post before Dad checks the mail! You should be getting your card today!)

Look at that colour! So lovely!
Yesterday (Saturday) I also took a day off to spend time with my partner and with friends, and I walked in the sunshine along the inner harbour, took in the tulips (below), and loved the feeling of my black pants getting very warm from the direct sunshine. And, for the first time this year, I worried about getting a sunburn, and not having packed sunscreen. This is a wonderful thing.

Today I spent the morning at work with my friend Karen, and in 2.5 hours I rewrote entirely and sent off what I think is a decent interim draft of my chapter that my supervisor and I can discuss in a meeting this week. I felt positive about my work, I was focused, and engaged. And I felt very good for the rest of the day.

So here's to taking a day (or two) off when you need it. There is no sense in pushing yourself when you're already running on fumes. A solid break to get well is a great idea.

Stay healthy!!

Also, here, some complimentary white and lovely cherry blossoms from my View Royal neighbourhood. :)
This tree was buzzing busy with honey bees and other pollinators!

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